Pickleball Den is excited to announce the release of player ratings!

Just like tournaments, ratings will become just as important to clubs. As clubs embrace different types of play from open, to skill based, to competitive, Den will be ready! Pickleball Den is at the forefront offering clubs options from casual play (Open), to skill-based play (ABCD), and competitive play (Shootout). We look forward to being part of the Pickleball future and helping clubs organize and grow!

The benefits of having a player rating:

  • A player rating provides an invaluable tool to players who are serious about improving their skill.
  • A rating history allows players to see how their skill has improved over time.
  • Ratings are critical for clubs seeking to offer competitive play. Den ratings eliminates the need for club managers to rate players!
  • Tournament Directors use ratings to seed players in tournament brackets.
  • Ratings allow players find suitable partners to join them in a tournament or club activity.
  • Tournament Directors use ratings to ensure players are registered in proper skill level.

We invested a lot of time not only into how to calculate a rating but also how collect the necessary data. We also had to consider unique situations that club play presents compared to tournament only play. We believe you will be happy with the results!

Good news! There is no need for players to enter data to generate a rating. All you need to do is participate in one or more of the following club activities: Shootout, ABCD, League, Tournament, or Pickleball Pass (coming Oct 2021). Your global rating will be automatically calculated for you!

You will also receive access to a complete history of your rating. For each match you play you will see how many points you earned, how many points you risked, the combined rating of the other team, and much more! This provides you some very nice tools to help improve your game play!

Join the Den family today and start enjoying the benefits of ratings!

Check out our current player ratings!

Are you a current member of Den? If so, you may access ratings by going to your Home page, then the select the Home button with the 3 vertical bars:

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