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Pickleball Den offers advanced club and tournament software. If your club is growing and it is time to organize, then you found the right place. Our club software has helped many clubs organize to help with the explosive growth of players across the country. Check out the information below to see how we can help your club!

Just Released! An advanced Ratings plus a new Pickleball Pass format.

Den Club

Is your club trying to find a better solution to organize your club? You found the right place!

With Pickleball Den, you have an integrated solution that avoids the time and expense related to having different software apps. Pickleball Den offers one easy solution for all your needs.

You receive high-end sign-up sheets with a robust set of features including: wait-list, player communication, player notifications, and so much more. Den’s sign-up sheets does everything a Pickleball Club needs. You will not find this with other generic sign-up sheets.

We also offer league software, and our successful Shootout ladder league. Plus our Mix-It-Up and ABCD play to offer non-competitive play.

Member payments and tracking member due dates are also part of Den. No more spending time maintaining spreadsheets.

Player communication is critical for all clubs and Den provides a reliable message distribution to your club members (email or in-app). So when you need to get important information out, depend on Den.

The nominal fee we charge per player is a great value when you consider the cost and time savings compared to other solutions.

It’s easy to try Pickleball Den with a 14-day free trial by Joining Den!

Need more info? Explore our club page for more details.

Den Search

Den offers a free search engine to help the pickleball community find play locations, clubs, clinics, tournaments, and coaches all in one place!

You may also list your event on our search engine as a way to get the word out about your event.

When you list on the Den search engine, you receive more than just a listing…

Players can “Like” your listing which places your listing on the player’s home page so they can refer back to you quickly. You can also communicate directly with those players using our messaging technology. Pretty neat!

And for coaches, we provide you access to our sign-up sheets technology so players can sign-up for your instruction. Your coach listing provides you nice tools to help manage your clients.

We also broadcast out your event to Den subscribers who have opted-in for hearing about new tournaments, coaches, and clinics.

A listing on the Den search is only $49.99!

When you consider all the benefits you receive, it is well worth it. Plus this fee is quickly recovered when one or two players find out about your event and register.

To learn more or create a listing on our search engine, create your Den account and use the “Create Event” option! It’s easy and you can have your listing up with only a few minutes!

Need more info? Check out our listing page.

Den Tournament

With Den, you can handle more players through court efficiency. Making most use of courts is key to having players on the court and off the court in minimal time. This is accomplished through a well thought out software app that increases efficiency while remaining user friendly.

Den Tournament provides everything from player registration to event day needs.

No paper needed, Den Tournament uses in-app and text notification to inform players when their match is ready and which court is assigned.

Den fully automates the court assignments. No more running cards around which wastes valuable time. No more lost cards, or mistakes, or worrying about which court is available. Den handles it all.

Den has been used in large and small tournaments and players are quickly able to use the software the first time.

Players can even look-up their standings, see how far along the bracket play has progressed, and players LOVE having all this information available on their mobile device.

We know as a tournament director you may be hesitant on switching to a new solution. But don’t worry, we offer support with either on site on via phone. We will be here offering support for your tournament on tournament day. And we will help you setup your tournament to ensure a successful event.

If this is not enough to convince you, check out our video testimonials from Naples.

Need more info? Check our tournament page for more details.

Den Social

We all know Pickleball was founded and based on social aspect and Den supports this concept. For us, it’s not just the business of handling clubs and tournaments.

Players can organize game play among friends using sign-up sheets. Players LOVE being able to communicate with each other as a group, instead of individual emails or text messages.

Then there is our check-in feature that allows players to “check-in” wherever they play. It’s fun seeing and keeping a history of all the places we play pickleball!

Then there is a timeline where players can post pictures and comments for all their friends to see. This might be a picture of a new paddle, or new place visited.

And finally, the ability to post comments about play locations to help other players who may be considering visiting the place.

This is all included with your Den subscription so Join Den and become part of the Den family!

See you out on the court!

We pride ourselves on happy people…

Our club has been using Pickleball Den since this past Thanksgiving. We use the Den for ladders, shootouts, sign-ups for both social and competitive events, and for easy daily communication with our members.“
-Tom A.,
Timber Pines, Florida
650+ Club Players
Pickleball Den has made things so much easier for our shootout club. It’s very user friendly.
-Ken R.,
Hudson Whammer Jammers
82 Club Players
“Our players love the competition of the round robin and the results sent weekly. Pickleball Den is easy to use and has helped us grow our club and skill level.”
-Paul S., Fort Sanders, Several Clubs (100+ members), IPTPA Certification: Level 2 / PPR Certification: Professional

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