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Welcome to Pickleball Den. Our goal is to provide club/group pickleball app to manage players, emails, shootout format play, and signup sheets (and some other neat features). We also help match up players with other players, including a really cool search engine! Find tournaments, clubs, places to play, clinics, and coaches!

News (03/24/2020): Be part of Pickleball Den new tournament software test. For more information visit our tournament software page: Tournament Software.

News (03/23/2020): Pickleball Den now support import/export of player data and club manager edit of player name.

News (01/08/2020): Pickleball Den now supports Map My Check-Ins and ability to track membership dues!

News (12/14/2019): Pickleball Den now supports Canadian play locations! If your club is located in Canada, you may now use Pickleball Den! Our search engine also supports Canadian cities and locations.

Pickleball Den helps organizing play easy and fun!

Join Pickleball Den, create a place to play listing, give your group a name, times of play, where you play. That’s it, you’ll now have access to many tools to help your growing Pickleball group!

We offer tools necessary to help organizers properly manage game play.

  • Track member emails. Yes, many email management tools out there but they’re not integrated with your Pickleball Group and a pain to maintain.
  • Players can join your club online! (You can make your club private if you want). They find your club and simply press “Join”. No more having to chase you down to have you add an Email.
  • Advertise your club web site. Add it to your listing so people can find your club web site for additional information.
  • Use Signup Sheets. Why use signup sheets? Trust me, they’re helpful. Have a small group and not sure if enough players are going to be there…solution, use our sign up sheets so you know if you have enough. Large group and you need to limit the number of players for your courts…use our sign up sheets. Private club and you need to track who played…use our sign up sheet. Stop texting, stop group texting, it becomes a pain….use our signup sheets!

Set up your account now…it’s free and only takes a few minutes. Join us at Pickleball Den.

Our club has been using Pickleball Den since this past Thanksgiving. We use the Den for ladders, shootouts, sign-ups for both social and competitive events, and for easy daily communication with our members. For our club it has been a blessing!
-Tom Asbel
Timber Pines, Florida (500+ Club Players)

Shootout Shootout Shoootut…another option for organized game play!

Are you trying to find a better way to organize players by skill level? If so, then you’ll like the Pickleball Den shootout module. This is an excellent way to encourage all levels of players to play and organize by skill without excluding anyone! No more trying to figure out who is assigned to which court. A great option! Learn more about our shootout.

Pickleball instructors… organizing a tournament or clinic…add your listing!

Instructors and clinics may now list their services on the Den search engine. These listing will appear whenever someone does a search for an area to play pickleball! This is a great way to connect coaches and students! Just join Pickleball Den and create a listing!

Pickleball Den has made things so much easier for our shootout club. It’s very user friendly.
-Ken Ratcliff
Hudson Whammer Jammers (82 Club Players)

Are you organizing a tournament? Then list it on our search engine, and if you’re using PickleballTournaments, simply use our website feature to refer people to your tournament listing on PickleballTournaments! Or maybe you’re organizing a small local tournament that you’re just “trying to get the word out”, then use our tournament listing. Plus with your listing, we offer some basic features to help see who is interested in your event.

“Our players love the way Pickleball Den keeps our play time and shootouts organized. It’s dependable, easy to use, and with the feature that a player can add his or her picture and a brief bio really enhances the social aspect of the game.”
-Andy Atwater, Blair Regional YMCA (51 Club Players)

Pickleball Den is easy to use and supports all platforms

Oh, and our software is compatible with desktop and mobile devices! All this packed into an easy to use system. Our goal is easy easy easy with lots of functions. Even “Getting Started” is clearly laid out. In fact, we’re compatible with Apple devices (iPads and mobile), Android Mobile, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and other popular browsers.

Set up your account now…it’s free and only takes a few minutes. Join us at Pickleball Den.

Check out our index page of all the Den places to play, clubs, listing and more!

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