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List your pickleball events on our search engine…it’s free with a Den subscription (only $5 per year)! This means you may list as many as you want at no additional charge!

Why are we doing this? We feel players should have a place to easily search for pickleball events regardless of what software you are using. Yes, we hope you will use Pickleball Den Tournament & Club software, but this has never influenced our decision of who is allowed to list.

Plus! It’s easy to list YOUR event, and not only that, but as a Den member you are provided the advantage of being proactively notified of new pickleball listings. Each Den member has a way of clearly defining what listings they want to hear about. For example, with your Den account you may select to hear about ALL tournaments, but opt-out of clinic notifications. We provide our members complete control over their decisions.

Check out our listing video to learn how to list your event on our search engine, and how to control when you are notified of other player events.

Join Den now to setup your account and starting listing your pickleball activities!

Bob Yacobucci
Owner, Pickleball Den, LLC

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