Leagues are part of our Club module so players will need to have a Den subscription (more details). We are making leagues more efficient for the players and easier to manage for the league directors.  

Players have the ability to register for leagues online, pay tournament fees,  get updates about the league. Players have access to online updates of the brackets scores and when it’s their time to play. These are just a few features that the players get to experience and have access too. We also offer all the players the same user experience regardless of what device they have!


League Players

Entering Match Scores [2 minute video]

This video shows how players can enter their own match scores.

League Manager

Starting League [4 minute video]

This video shows how to start your league after registration is complete, teams are all set, and start date has arrived. We recommend not starting your league too early because once a league starts, no more bracket changes can be made.

Team Withdraw [3 minute video]

This video shows how to remove a team prior to the league starting or handle teams that need to forfeit their matches after the league has started.

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