What is Friends?

Pickleball Den Friends is a group of Pickleball Den members who play together often, or players who just want to stay in touch with other.

These are the benefits of building your friend list:

  1. You can utilize our sign-up sheets for your friends. Instead of using text messaging, which becomes a real pain with organizing games, our sign-up sheets offer a more streamlined way of organizing a play time. You create a sign-up sheet, then tag your friends to it. Your friends are notified, then they click a link and confirm that they want to play! It’s that simple!
  2. You and your friends can stay in touch with each other by “following” each other’s pickleball activity. So when you “check-in” at a place of pickleball play, or you sign-up for play at a location, or join a club, your friend is notified! Of course you remain in control of how many friends you follow, and who can follow you. It is nice to know that your friend is having fun playing pickleball and where they are playing…maybe you’ll join them!
  3. You can Email all your friends, or just one of them. By being a friend, the player gives permission to email them, and eventually we’ll add texting. All this is done without divulging your personal email address or phone #.

Start building your friends list today!

How to send a friend request:

You may send a friend request using the “Send Friend Request” under the “Friends” card. You simply enter your friends Email.

Or click on the players profile picture that you usually see throughout Pickleball Den, and then select the “Send Friend Request” in the Player Profile window.

You can find the players profile picture in the shootout sheet, or sign-up sheets.

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