What is Check-In?

Welcome to Check In! Congratulations…you’re about to do something great for the Pickleball Community (and yourself!).

Please watch our video overview of Check-In (only 1 minute long! – okay 1 minute 15 seconds):

Use our Pickleball Den check in, and you’ll receive a chance to win a free gift. At the end of each month, we will randomly select a person from all the “Check Ins” and that person wins a free gift!

Each day you check in, you’ll receive another chance to win (limit 1 chance per day).

First, let us explain what Check In is all about!

  • Check in is basically documenting that you played pickleball at a particular court.
  • Track all the places you’ve played! What a great thing to do is look back at the places you’ve played and people you’ve met. We even allow you to make personal notes such as people you’ve met, things you’ve learned, and accomplishments.
  • When you check in, you’re helping to build an accurate and comprehensive list of all the places to play pickleball!
  • With players like you checking in, our app can determine how active the pickleball location is, and the play times. Great information for players looking for places! Have you ever visited an area to find out the the “place” is not active? Check Ins help determine the activity at the location.
  • Share with your friends all the places you’ve played, and where you’ve played last!
  • As people check in, you may enter comments during your check in. Your feedback is helpful to the people managing the facility, and other people who are considering visiting the area.

The next time you’re at the pickleball courts, use your mobile device and Check In at your place of play. Need more info? Visit our Check In Tutorial.

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