Version 11/01/2019

The following are changes to Pickleball Den as of 11/01/2019.

1. Play Time Notes

You may now add a note to your club “Play Times.” An example of a note for a play time is “1st & 3rd Friday”.

You access this by using the “Edit Club” and entering into the “Notes” field of the Play Time. When a player views details for the club, the note will show up under the play time.

2. Shootout Ranking Sheet with Sign-Up Sheet

If you use the sign-up for your Shootouts…good news! You are now able to merge those players who signed-up with your shootout ranking sheet that is used to assign players to courts. The software will “check-off” the player for those plays who signed-up ahead of time. Of course the software cannot plan for no-show players or players who show up without signing up, but hopefully you don’t run into this too often.

To access this benefit, you go to the Shootout menu item, select your club, and use the “Show Ranking” option. This will show your player shootout rankings. Near the bottom , select “Merge Sign-Up Sheet”.

Player that have never attended the shootout in the past, but sign-up, will show-up near the bottom and shown as “New Player”.

When you use the merge, it will refer to the sign-up sheet and automatically check the players off on the player ranking sheet.

3. Club Member Management

We’ve reworked the user-interface for the Club Member Management so that it can take into account managers who manage multiple clubs. Searches can now be done as well, and also across multiple clubs.

To access the Member Management, select the “Club Members” under the Favorites menu, or if you management more than one club, you may access the new interface under the Menu option.

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