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The following videos are available to help your learn more about Pickleball Den club functions. For help or to learn more about our tournament software, please check out our Tournament Page.

Installing Pickleball Den App on iPhone

We are in the process of having our app added to the apple store however, in the meantime, you may install it on iPhone, iPad, and other apple devices:

  1. Go to your Home screen.
  2. Open up your internet browser (e.g. Safari or Google Chrome).
  3. In the web site address, type: (make sure you type the beginning part “app”).
  4. After the Pickleball Den login screen shows, press the icon near the bottom of the screen.
  5. Find the “Add to Home Screen” option. You may have to “swipe-up” to show more options, scroll to the left through iPhone options. Once you find the “Add to Home Screen”, click on it.
  6. Near the top of screen, press on the “Add” option to add Pickleball Den App to your Home Screen.
  7. Our app will automatically update itself. There is no need to worry about updating the software, this is handled for you.

Installing Pickleball Den App on Android

Sign-Up Sheets for Club Manager

This video is for club mangers and describes how signup sheets can benefit your pickleball group by promoting organization and more consistent play participation.

Topics Covered: Sign-up sheets support unlimited and limited player slots. The ability to email players on the sign-up sheet. The ability to allow a ‘wait-list’ for players and how players are notified when they move from the wait-list to play-list. Ability for a player to sign-up another player (and why this is a great benefit).

Skill Based Sign-Up Sheets

This video is for club mangers and describes how to set-up skill based sign-up sheets for your club.

Sign-Up Sheet Report

This video describes a report for going back in time to display past sign ups by club members. This is useful for researching and also providing information to public parks and private club on the amount and frequency of court usage.

Adding Club Members

This video describes different ways players can be added to your club such as, import and inviting players.

Sign-Up Sheet Player

This video will show how a player uses sign-up sheets for adding their name, or a guest, to a sign-up sheet.

Sign-Up Sheet Friends

This video will show how a player can create their own sign-up sheets for their friends.


This video describes how check-in can benefit you and other pickleball players by promoting where places to play are located and your experiences at those locations! You may also visit our What is Check In? page.

Map My Check-Ins

This tutorial is a demonstration of how to view all the different play locations that you’ve checked in.

Coach Listing

This tutorial describes how to add a Coach Listing to the Pickleball Den search engine. If you’re a professional coach, and you would like to list your services, then you’ll want to add a coach listing.

Create a Club

This tutorial describes how to define a club. A club is a detailed listing that defines the play times, manages of the club, contact info, etc. that use a pickleball play location. Also, with a club, you can then take advantage of some other benefits, such as, signup-sheets, shootout, and member management.

Timeline Notifications

This tutorial describes how notifications are delivered to your timeline. You may receive notifications via email or in-app notifications. You can even setup to be notified via text when a new in-app notification arrives!

Membership Fees

This tutorial describes how your club can track membership fees. We offer three types of payments: Cash, Check and PayPal.

Club Memberships

This tutorial explains how to manage multiple clubs where players may belong to more than one club that you manage. It explains how to avoid accidentally creating two different accounts for the same player.

Import Club Members

If you have your club member information already in a spreadsheet or contact list, then it’s easy to import this information into Pickleball Den.

Export Club Members

Exporting player data to a spreadsheet.

Club Messages

How to send messages to club members and Sign-Up Sheet registrants.

Purchase Bulk Subscriptions

How to purchase and maintain Den Bulk Subscriptions for your members

Search Engine Listing

To a listing to our search engine to advertise your pickleball event, watch the video below!

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