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On this page you will find videos for tournament players and tournament directors. For leagues, they work pretty much the same way as a regular tournament so you may ignore the discussion regarding court management since players will decide where to play their match.

Tournament Player Videos


Pickleball Den offers an easy and efficient tournament registration. After all, a good experience leads to repeat customers. Pickleball Den offers the most efficient way to register for tournaments. Plus we make it easy for players to invite team mates! A simple link is sent to the teammate, they click on it, the registration process begin and then they are automatically added as your partner in the tournament!

Invite Partner [2 minute video]

You’ve registered for a tournament and now you would like to invite a partner to join you! Use our Invite Partner option. It’s easy to use.

Day of Event Self Check-In/Notifications

On day of your tournament, your director may enable self check-in. This means no central desk to visit upon arrival. You will arrive at the event, and enter the posted check-in code into the software to let the tournament director know that you have arrived.

Once the tournament director starts your bracket, you will be notified via in-app messages (or text messages if you choose) of which court to play on. After the match is finished, the winning team will enters the scores for the match if your tournament director has selected that option. This video shows how the winning team enters the scores. The tournament may also be setup that only court managers enter the scores. .

Tournament Director Videos


Looking for a great overview of Den Tournament Software? If so, this is the video for you. We go through and touch on the highlights of our tournament software.

Creating A Tournament (Basic)

Once you have your tournament format decided (Begin date, End date, brackets, bracket start times, etc.), then it’s time to create your first tournament!

Creating A Tournament (Advanced)

Creating your tournament and setting up the more advanced functions.

Joining Team [1 minute video]

This video shows you how to join two separate players together to make a team.

Removing Players From Tournament [3 minute video]

This video shows you how to remove a team or player from a tournament if they cancel and can no longer attend.

Match Creation and Seeding [3 minute video]

This video shows you how to create your bracket matches and seed the matches. This usually occurs after registration is closed. It also demonstrates how you may assign a match to play on a specific court.

Sponsors [2 minute video]

This video shows you how to add a sponsor to your tournament listing .

PayPal Codes [3 minute video]

This video shows you how to retrieve your PayPal codes to enter into Pickleball Den. This is required to have Pickleball Den process credit card payments and deposit the money into your account.

Tournament Simulator [5 minute video]

Are you trying to plan how long you tournament will last? How many teams should be in a round-robin with minimal wait times? How many brackets are reasonable based on number of courts? Well our simulator will help based on many different configuration such as courts, start times, number of players and number of brackets!

Court Management [4 minute video]

Creating your court inventory and how to assign brackets to use the court. Please Note: Court status is automatically changed from “Available” to “In-Use” as the players are assigned to court so there is no need to change the status of courts unless a court becomes unavailable.

Court Adjustments Game Day [2 minute video]

You may adjust courts as necessary on game day to provide courts to other brackets.

Assigning A Preferred Court To A Match [3 minute video]

Do you need to make sure a match is played on a specific court? If so, it’s easy! You simply tag a court to a match and the software will make sure that when the match is “ready to play” it will wait for that court to be free and assign it to that match and notify the players.

Event Day Exceptions [6 minute video]

What to do if a player cannot sign into their Den account? What about courts that might end up having to be taken out of service? This video is an overview of some exceptions that may occur on event day and how to resolve the issues.

Adding A Player [4 minute video]

With Pickleball Den Tournaments you may add a player manually, either because they are paying cash or check at the door, or you are substituting a player for another player who has already paid the fees. This video will show two options you have as a Tournament Director to add players or substitutes.

Bracket Seeding Verification

After you have completed seeding your brackets, you will want to check to make sure that players who live near each other (e.g. same Club) aren’t seeded as opponent in the initial matches. You may also want to check to make sure that players who are in Men’s/Women’s doubles aren’t seeded as opponents in the mixed double event.

Team Withdraw

What happens after a team withdraws from a tournament? With Pickleball Den we handle it all for you! Den will automatically mark the team as withdrawn and adjust all the future matches to “skip over” the match.

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