Tournament Videos


Tournament registration needs to be easy and efficient to encourage players to participate. After all, a good experience leads to repeat customers. Pickleball Den offers the most efficient way to register for tournaments.

Tournament Prestart

As a tournament director, getting your tournament ready on day-of-event needs to be streamlined from checking-in players, seeding brackets, setting up courts for brackets to announcing the start of the games. Pickleball Den does it all!

Player Perspective

Players need an intuitive easy system and Pickleball Den offers it. As soon as the player logs on, they are taken straight to a “Welcome Page” with three very easy options that include: View bracket progress within their bracket, View bracket progress of other brackets, and entering in phone numbers for text messages. From there your players receive message notifications via their phone or app. They are directed to which court to move to be ready for game play!

Brackets & Player Management

This video shows how a tournament director merges or divides brackets up, move players to other brackets, and remove or team-up players within a bracket.

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