Den Testimonials

Pickleball Den is the future!

Players checked-in using their mobile device, then they went to courts to warm up. Once start time arrived, Jim started the tournament with a “click of a button”. Den software began texting players which courts to begin play. Players and Refs entered scores directly into Den which freed-up the court and Den texted the next team to go play. Plus players were able to see current stats of their game play, and progress of bracket using their mobile device. Efficient, fast, easy…it just works!

Jim & Carol LudwigSouthern Tropics tournament with 352 players.

Eddie Adkins –“It just knows the info you want to see”
Eddie & Webby You Tube Channel
Men’s 3.5 Full Court Singles Sizzling Singles

William Sobek“Great software, very organized, very neat”
Men’s 5.0 Full Court Pro Sizzling Singles

Diana Back –“I think it is the future of scoring and match setting”
Two time Gold Medal Winner Sizzling Singles

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