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With Den, a player’s experience leads to a positive reflection of your tournament. Whether your players are using Apple devices, android devices, or desktop or laptops, players will experience the same professional display of reports and options.

We also offer tournament directors a solution that provides efficient tournament administration. Whether you desire a traditional central desk with cards, or prefer to go the next step with decentralized administration, we offer it!

You may decide to eliminate cards and paper by allowing volunteers to enter match scores on the court. This allows Den to free up the court and call the next set of players to the court via texting. Players who have just completed their match are able to instantly verify recorded scores for accuracy. This all happens in a matter of seconds. No cards, no manual texting, no need to write on paper, no need for someone to enter the same information at a central location…Den takes care of it all!

We bring it all together…

Registration–Tournament registration needs to be easy and efficient to encourage players to participate. After all, a good experience leads to repeat customers. Pickleball Den offers the most efficient way to register for tournaments.
Check-In–Pickleball Den offers two forms of play check-in that include play self check-in via a check-in code, or traditional check-in desk.
Tournament Prestart–As a tournament director, getting your tournament ready on day-of-event needs to be streamlined from checking-in players, seeding brackets, assigning courts to brackets to announcing the start of the games. Pickleball Den does it all!
Player Perspective–Players need an intuitive easy system and Pickleball Den offers it. As soon as a player logs on, they are taken straight to a “Welcome Page” with three very easy options that include: View bracket progress within their bracket, View bracket progress of other brackets, and entering in phone numbers for text messages. From there your players receive message notifications via their phone or app. They are directed to which court to move to be ready for game play!
Bracket Management–Merge or divide brackets up, move players to other brackets, and remove or team-up players within a bracket.
Cart Items–During registration you may decide to sell items such as: paddles, shirts, or even accept donations! We will work with you on customizing your shopping cart.
Reporting–Export your tournament data (player data, brackets, and items purchased) to excel format so you can customize and generate your own reports!

Do you need more information? If so, check out our testimonials or our library of tutorial videos!


Cost is $5.00 per player which is a nominal fee when you consider the headaches you avoid plus the players love it!

*Training videos and one hour one-on-one training included. Each additional hour is $100. Training is handled via Zoom.

*Minimum fee of $250.

We offer interface to PayPal account at no charge so tournament player payments are deposited direct into your club’s PayPal account.

Please contact us if you have any question.

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