Pickleball Den Tournament Software Preview

Hello! Thank you for your interest in being part of Pickleball Den’s virtual pickleball tournament!

A virtual tournament allows you to be part of a pickleball tournament from your home! The software will randomly move teams throughout the brackets and generate scores. There is NO CHARGE to participate in this tournament.

Why do this? First, it is fun. Second, we appreciate your help. This will allow us to have many users on our site to test how our software responds under load.

To register for the Around The Post tournament, click here: Register

The tournament will start Sunday, April 5 @ 1:30 PM ET but please be logged on by 1:15 PM ET. The software will automatically “check you in” so ignore the red notice if it says you are not checked-in.

The tournament will last 15-30 minutes and all you have to do is be logged on and watch!

Here are two videos that explain how to register for the virtual tournament and some other nice things. So let’s get started…

Please watch the video:

Are you interested in seeing more about our Tournament Software? Visit our Tournament Software page.

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