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PGA Verano Pickleball Club

I want to offer a sincere “Thank You” for allowing us to work with you, Pickleball Den, and your application software.  The Shootout has gone amazingly well and all players are happy with their pickleball competition and the personal improvement that it brings.


With a large group of pickleball players, it’s difficult to have players who are all varied in skill levels play together and see happy smiles across the courts (yep, it happens everywhere!). Shootouts help alleviate these issues.

A shootout format accomplishes having similar skill levels play with each other, while also allowing players to progress to higher courts as their skills improve. It works, it’s a proven solution, and all it requires is little effort and cooperation. Using Pickleball Den, players have the ability to enter their own scores into our shootout module and from there our module will take care of the rest. Our shootout module will keep track of players wins and losses, which will in turn keep track of a players skill levels. This allows players to participate and have fun, even the people running the show can play while Pickleball Den runs the shootout.

To start using our shootout module, the organizer of the shootout will need to take a few minutes to create an account with Pickleball Den. From there a sign-up sheet for shootouts is available!

Feel free to get start by watching our videos and checking out how player ratings and rankings work:
Shootout Videos | Player Ratings & Ranking

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