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Shootout play is different than ladder leagues. It has a list of all players, and the software determines skill level as play moves along. You do not need to divide up your players into ladders.

Also, we’ve incorporated other Pickleball functions into our shootout module to make running a shootout absolutely easy. You can incorporate signup sheets for your players, and also email your players all from within the Pickleball Den software. Players can invite other players (if your club is marked as public), etc. So keep in mind that you’re getting several different ‘functions’ all within Pickleball Den.


With a large group of pickleball players, it’s difficult to have players of varied skill levels play together and see happy smiles across the courts (yep, it happens everywhere!). Players ranking their own skills to beginner, intermediate, and advanced very seldom work. A shootout helps alleviate these issues.

A shootout format accomplishes having similar skill levels play with each other, while also allowing players to progress to higher courts as their skills improve. It works, it’s a proven solution, and all it requires is little effort and cooperation.

The organizer as well can enjoy game play. Organizers aren’t required to sit on the sidelines managing it. Once you have it setup, a person from each court can fill out the shootout forms themselves. As an organizer myself, I’ve played in many shootouts that I was managing. I’ve had great cooperation from players, and they appreciated my time and effort. It can be the same at your place as well.

Okay, I’m sold, so how does it work?

We offer two versions of shootouts…our “old style” which uses paper score sheets, and manual data entry. This is fine solution to keep things less complicated for players especially if mobile devices are intimidating.

We also offer our new approach which eliminates paper score sheets, and the shootout manager uses their mobile device to enter scores. Much faster solution, scores are entered real time so no need to go home afterward and enter data, and especially useful for larger shootouts with more players.

I personally like the mobile version…especially for new clubs where they start off learning. Players do really like enter scores themselves after a match is complete and it is not complicated. And it saved me lot of time.

Your choice, you pick 🙂

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