Shootout Mobile

Shootout Manager
We now offer a shootout module that is completely paperless! This module will keep track of rankings, scores, and players for the shootout managers. This short video below will show you how, in a matter of minutes, you can setup a shootout for players that will run seamlessly. Our shootout module will allow you to easily setup shootouts, allow players to register themselves, and allow players check-in using their mobile phone when they arrive to play! Once the shootout is started, just by a click of a button, it will send a notification to the players letting the know which court they going to playing on and who they are playing, allowing shootout manger to sit back and relax.

Shootout Player
Playing in a shoot-out should be fun and should be about the playing time. Using our shootout module will allow players to have more time playing the sport they love. The video below will show you how easy it is, as a player, to be involved in a Pickleball Den mobile shootout. We make it simple for players to enter the scores for the shootout games for a less stressful shootout. We make playing simple!

Remember, a happy club manager makes for happy pickleball players! Feed your club manager often with kindness!

Check out our Shootout FAQ page as well.

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