Shootout FAQ

  1. How is the ranking calculated?
    1. You earn points based on the court you played on. If you play on court 1, the highest level court, you earn 20 points. If you play on court 2, you earn 18 points, court 3, you earn 16 points, etc. Then you take the total points you earned divided by the total points you could have earned (# of rounds you played x 20 points).
  2. I have a higher percentage than another person, but they are higher on the ranking list. Why is that?
    1. The shootout is run like a continuous shootout from day to day. The results of your second round play determines the court you’re assigned next time play in a shootout. For example, your first round on court 1 you did well, and so you stayed on court 1; however, your 2nd round on court 1 you didn’t do well. So had a 3rd round been played, you would have played on court 2. This is reflected as “Next Court” on the shootout. In this case, the “Next Court” for you is marked as court 2. The ranking uses “Next Court” as priority for sorting the ranking sheet. The good news is that since you have a high percentage, you are at the top of the list of court 2 players to be assigned to court 1. So on the next shootout day, if court 1 needs five players, and only four court-1 players show up, you’ll be moved up to play on court 1.
  3. Why is “Next Court” being used as priority over the my %?
    1. Consider a new player that spends most of their time on lower courts as they learn the game. Their % will reflect this by being low. But as they become more proficient at the game, their low% makes it difficult for a player to progress up the courts. So the “Next Court” provides players more of an opportunity to advance up the court levels (but they must win of course!).
    2. Are you a good player? If so, then your % is pretty high, but you must remain top-notch to stay on court 1. You can’t rely totally on a high-percent to keep you assigned to higher courts.

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