Shootout (Ladder League) Details

We encourage you to watch the following series of videos to help setup, organize, and run a shootout ladder league.

Some notes and tips about how using the Pickleball Den shootout works, and how to plan your club’s shootout so that it will be a successful and fun event.

2-Setting up Club with Members
Before you can have a shootout, you need to have a club! And part of setting up your club (assuming you don’t already have one setup in Den) is to create your club, and add your members. This video will show you the basics of setting up a club and importing your club member information.

3-Setting-Up Play Times & Sign-Up Sheets
After you have decided what days your club is going to offer shootouts, you will need to create your club play times and also your shootout sign-up sheets to get players ready to play!

4-Create, Seed and Start the Shootout
Learn how to move data from your sign-up sheet to your shootout, seed the players, and start your shootout.

5-Ending Notes
Some other nice to know things.

Visit our Player Ratings & Ranking to learn how scoring and movement of players in a shootout works.


Technology resistant players? No problem! Keep in mind that a pool has either 4 or 5 players and so as long as one of those players is willing to enter scores, you’re good to go. You can also decide to have court monitor(s) who can enter scores for players. As a club manager, you can even play in your own organized shootout…it’s that easy!

How many rounds to play? Most clubs do two rounds of shootout in one session. A round typically lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes based on games 11 win by 1. After the 1st round, you simply “Create Another Shootout” and you are able to get players back out on the courts within a few minutes. You can also decide to up the points per game (e.g. 15 win by 1) and just make the 1st round last longer and only do 1 round. It’s your choice.

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