Sample Mission Statements

Surrey Pickleball Club

Form a Surrey Pickleball Club

  1. Promote inter-generational play open to all skill levels.
  2. Provide venues for inclusive play combined with dedicated skill level time-slots.
  3. Develop pickleball clinics with a structured approach for improvement of play for all skill levels.
  4. Create, with the City of Surrey, a pickleball destination with the ability to host tournaments at Regional, Provincial, National and International levels.

Develop Designated Outdoor Pickleball-only courts in collaboration with the City of Surrey

  1. To schedule club and open public court time options for the purposes of:
    1. Pickleball players knowing when others will be present at the courts to play and when there will be recreational play and when there will be skill level play;
    2. Holding skill clinics for beginners to advanced levels;
    3. Promoting social networking important to seniors;
    4. Promoting inter-generational play at both recreational and skill levels;
    5. Promoting play in one centralized area of Surrey which would provide a venue for players from all the city’s recreation centers to meet for organized outdoor pickleball.
    6. Provide a venue suitable for tournament play.
  2. To provide a controlled environment for the game. Pickleball courts are only 880 square feet, less than one-third the size of tennis courts, and therefore play, including the chasing of balls is confined to that area.
  3. To eliminate the need for setup and take down of portable nets, provide the ability for the club to establish permanent facilities for paddles, balls, white boards, cleaning equipment and all other tools required for the running of a successful club.

Indy Pickleball Club
The mission of the Indy Pickleball Club is to grow the sport of pickleball in Central Indiana by developing and promoting recreational, league and tournament opportunities for players of all ages and ability.
a. Mission Statement. To grow the game of Pickleball for all ages, levels and
abilities by creating and cultivating an environment that promotes health, social interaction, good sportsmanship and fun by providing continuing skill and mentoring programs to enhance organized recreational and competitive play.

Voyager Pickleball Club
The Voyager Pickleball Club’s mission is: To promote pickleball through education, drills, clinics & competitive tournaments for residents and visitors as well as providing opportunities for social activities. Our overall theme is to encourage sportsmanship, camaraderie and safety through fun & exercise.


  • To promote and teach the game of pickleball to all Voyager residents and visitors
  • To encourage sportsmanship and camaraderie through fun and exercise
  • To maximize playing opportunities for everyone
  • To provide opportunities for skill development and competition
  • To advocate for new and improved playing venues
  • To support the Voyager community through volunteer activities
  • To provide stewardship of our courts in cooperation with Encore and Voyager RV Resort
  • To encourage individual membership in the USA Pickleball Association

ABC Pickleball Club
ABC Pickleball Club exists to provide a fun, healthy, recreational activity for its membership and guests while promoting the exercise, development of skills and enjoyment of Pickleball.

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