Player Subscriptions

All features within Pickleball Den are free to clubs to use. Pickleball Den does not charge for the app itself or charge for different modules. Our income is generated by player subscriptions. A player must have a subscription to use Pickleball Den.

Player Subscriptions:

  • Last one year, then it must be renewed.
  • Remains with the player.
  • The same subscription may be used at multiple clubs. For example, a player who received a subscription from a club up north may also use it to join a club in Florida.

Subscriptions may be attained by a player in one of the following ways:

  1. Purchasing an individual subscription from within Pickleball Den (via PayPal). When a player sets up an account on Pickleball Den, they receive a 14-day trail at no-charge. After the trial period, they will be prompted to purchase a subscription.
  2. A player may gift another player a subscription under the Friends menu.
  3. A club may purchase bulk subscriptions to provide to players within their club.

Club Bulk Subscriptions:

  • A club may purchase any number of bulk subscriptions. These subscriptions will be placed in a “bucket” for the club to distribute to their members.
  • The app itself will assign subscriptions (no need for club managers to manage this process…it is handled for you!). As a club member nears the end of their subscription, the app will remove a subscription from the bucket and apply the renewal to the player’s account.
  • An accounting is provided. A simple report within Pickleball Den accessible by club managers will show an exact accounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we purchase extra subscriptions how long do they last? Do they expire this year?

The extra subscriptions do not expire and only activate once a member requires a new subscription. For example, if your club has 100 members and purchases 120 subscriptions on 6/17/2020, a new player assigned a subscription on 9/15/2020 will have their subscription last until 9/15/2021.

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