Player Rotation

Player rotation is a module within the Pickleball Den app that allows players to use their mobile device to sign-up for a type of play (e.g. Intermediate) and the player will be matched up with 3 other players electronically. As a group of players are matched up, they are called when a court is available.

The club can setup different play types (e.g. four on / four off, or challenge court), then players place their name in that queue, and are matched up with other players in the queue and called to the court.

  • No more white boards and paddle stacks.
  • No need to shout out, “Who’s paddles is this?”
  • Excellent way for new players to be matched up without feeling left out.
  • Court use efficiency
  • And many other benefits.

Help Videos

Player: This video is designed to help players become familiar with the player rotation module. If you’re a player, this video is for you!

Club Manager: Are you a club manager looking for a way to make your player rotation (paddle rotation) system more efficient. You may lots of courts and players and it is almost impossible to keep things organized and this video will show you how to setup your player rotation.

Court Monitor: If you have a lot of courts, then you may have players who can also act as court monitors. A court monitor simply means they help with occasional issues such as players sent to a court and one of the players did not show up. So the court monitor simply “frees up” the court or finds a substitute. A court monitor has special options that regular players do not have access.

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