Pickleball Pass

Find, Meet, Play, Have Fun, Repeat.

Have you ever traveled and wanted to find game play that matches your skill level? Or wanted to know where in your area to play and meet other players? The solution is Pickleball Pass!

Pickleball Pass is about networking players together for fun and competitive game play. It allows players to find each other (using our search engine), after you find a group of players, then you simply sign-up for their game play. When the event day and time arrives, you meet at a play location and Pickleball Pass will do the rest. It will match up players based on skill level and send players out to the courts to play. The result…fun games and meeting new players!

And best of all, as players play, they use our app to enter match scores to track results. After the Pickleball Pass event is complete, player ratings are updated automatically! Why not get credit for your game play!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do players get a rating? Players receive a rating simply by playing! For more detailed information on ratings, visit our Ratings page.

What if I sign-up to play and then later on I decide I cannot attend? No problem…we understand! It’s simple, you just remove your name from the sign-up sheet.

What is the cost? Good question! The host determines the cost and it will posted on the Pickleball Pass listing so players know the cost before they sign-up. It may be completely free, $3.00, or more or less; it all depends on the host and local expenses such as court fees. The host may even offer incentives such as an after-hour social.

The only other cost is each player must have an active yearly Pickleball Den subscription.

Can we use Pickleball Pass to raise money for our club?

Yes, you may decide to use Pickleball Pass to raise money for your club or local charity. It’s up to you. It’s recommend that this is mentioned on your Pickleball Pass event listing.

Can anyone host a Pickleball Pass event or is it just for clubs?

Anybody can run a Pickleball Pass event. That’s the beauty of it. All it requires is someone like you who sees the value and wants to grow Pickleball play. Host away!

I Love it…how do I host a Pickleball Pass location?

It’s simple, join Den and create your Pickleball Pass location. We provide plenty of support, a great app, and videos to help you get started! Have questions? Please contact us.

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