Mix-It-Up is a random round-robin and it can handle any number of players. Players sign-up for a Mix-It-Up using Den sign-up sheet. Then on game day, players show up at the court, check-in, and then the manager starts the event. Players are randomly placed in a pool of four or five players, and assigned a court to play on.

The purpose of Mix-It-Up is to have a fun and offer a non-competitive event (a compliment to our shootout game play) and it offers an excellent format to get players to meet each other. As game play progresses, players enter their scores into Den to keep track of scores. After the games are complete, then the manager may start another Mix-It-Up.

Why should players enter scores? It allows a history of your game play, but also clubs can use this information to keep track of the activity at their club. And it helps for self-improvement so you can go back in history and see how you’ve improved your game!

This module is great for club managers as well as there is no paper involved! And it helps players remember who they are playing with. It is so easy that even the club manager can play in it!

Mix-It-Up is part of our Club module so players will need to have a Den subscription (more details).

To learn how to setup a Mix-It-Up event, we recommend you watch our “Shootout” videos. The main difference with Mix-It-Up is players are seeded randomly instead of the shootout ranking. When defining your club play time, just remember to select Mix-It-Up instead of Shootout.

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