Individual Player

Pickleball Den offers individual players some really cool features to enhance the social aspect of Pickleball.

Sign-Up SheetsEasy one-click sign-up! Supports wait-list, player limit, and much more. Invite friends to join your sign-up sheets. Sign-up sheets eliminate the ‘”endless” texting to organize game play.
Friend ListsThis tool is a great way of enhancing keep track of your pickleball friends! Create your own player profile and send friend requests so others can learn more about you. You can even track where your friends are playing.
Check-InThis tool is a great way of tracking where and how often you play pickleball. Think of it as a story book of your pickleball experiences.
Time LineA time line provides a history of check-ins, friends request, your friend check-ins, message, and more.
Search ListingYou have access to our free search engine so you may search for pickleball places to play, clinics, tournaments, and much more!
Mobile Phone App – We offer a user-friendly Mobile app for Android and Apple devices. Same look, same feel, regardless of which app you use! This is a popular tool in our suite!


Pricing is $5.00 per year with 30-Day Free Trial. If after 30-days you’re not satisfied, you may cancel your account. Payment is made after the 30-day free trial.

*Club Members do not pay this fee.

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