Den Covid-19 Distancing

We’re excited that Pickleball Den now offers technology that supports Covid-19 social distancing guidelines! In other words, it’s possible to follow guidelines and still have tournaments, and open play!

Pickleball Tournaments

No central desk required—player’s check themselves in, No score keepers—players enter their own scores, No need for loud speakers—director uses in-app message announcements, No central monitor stations—players are notified via messages when/where their court matches are located. Players & spectators can even follow the progress of matches online. It’s all handled through mobile devices!

Open Play-Player Rotation

Having open pickleball play while implementing social distancing is difficult at best. But with Den, you can avoid central desks, players handling each others paddles, whiteboard markers, and generally dealing with instructing players which courts to play on.

Players simply show up at the courts, select the type of play they are interested (e.g. Intermediate, Advanced, etc.) and the software handles the rest! Our player rotation module will match up players with other players and notify players, via mobile messages, which court they are to play on. After game play is complete, one of the players uses their mobile device to “free-up” the court so the next set of players in the queue are called to the court. No need for players to congregate around tables or handle each others paddles!

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