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Pickleball Den is a time-saving set of features all under one roof to help you organize your club and improve workflow. Play more! Worry less! We bring it all together for you…

Sign-Up SheetsEasy one-click sign-up! Supports wait-list, player limit, and much more. Integrates with our shootout play system.
Email-DistributionKeep your email list and your club member list in-sync. We support sending emails to your entire member list.
Player RotationPlayer Rotation is a module that allows you to organize players and the order they go on the courts. Using a mobile device a player selects the type of play they want, and the app will match up the player with other players and assign a court.
Payment ProcessingYour members can pay their club fees online using our PayPal interface. Or you can track via cash or check.
Shootout PlayWe support shootout play for competitive play. Another option to offer your members beyond open play. We’re known for this because our shootout module is easy to understand, quick results entry, and ranking sheets with one-touch distribution to your members.
Friend ListsThis tool is a great way of enhancing the social aspect of club membership! Create your own player profile and send friend requests so others can learn more about you. You can even track where your friends are playing.
Check-InThis tool is a great way of allowing your members to track where and how often they play pickleball. Think of it as a story book of their pickleball experiences.
Time LineA time line provides a history of check-ins, friends request, your friend check-ins, message, and more.
Search ListingYour club receives a free-listing on our search engine so players visiting or living in your area can find your club. We also support private clubs.
Mobile Phone App – We offer a user-friendly Mobile app for Android and Apple devices. Same look, same feel, regardless of which app you use! This is a popular tool in our suite!

Your club will have access to all modules at no charge (no hidden or add-on fees). We offer a 30-day free trial. Setup your club, add your members, and try it. If after 30-days you’re not happy, simply contact us and we’ll remove your club.

If you decide to stay with Pickleball Den, players in your club will need obtain a yearly subscription to Pickleball Den by one of the following methods:

  • Players in your club will be prompted to purchase an individual subscription to Pickleball Den when they log into the app.
  • Your club may purchase subscriptions at a bulk discount and assign these subscriptions to your members at your discretion and at any time. All this is managed by you from within the app.

Ready to get started?…

It’s simple! Log onto Den, and create your club! We pride ourselves on making our software easy to use for you and your club members. But if you need more help, we offer lots of short videos.

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