Chesterfield County Pickleball Club

Welcome to Pickleball Den! We not only offer Club management software, but we also offer a social platform for Pickleball players. But first, let’s help you with your account setup…

Account Setup

  1. To setup your account, please visit the Create An Account page.
  2. Please use the same Email that your club uses or has on file.
Sample Form

3. In the Password field, enter a password of your choice. You may click on the “eye” icon on right if you need to see what you’ve entered.
4. In the Repeat field, retype your password and press the Sign Up button.
5. When you sign in, you will see the Pickleball Club of Chesterfield County under the Favorites page.
6. The next time you sign on, visit our Login page and select the “Remember Me”, the press the sign in.
7. You may optionally change your email address after you create your account by using the Menu option, then select My Account.

Once you have your account setup, you’re all set! From there you can add your name to sign-up sheets for club event (assuming your club uses sign-up sheets), and view Shootout Results (a form of round robin play).


If you need help with your account, it’s best if you contact one of your club managers. They usually can provide the best help plus answers questions about the Club in general.

Social Aspect

Pickleball Den not only offers manager(s) of your club benefits, but also players like you! We hope you’ll become active within your club, not only from a game play, but also social aspect as well.

Your Pickleball Profile

Your player profile…it helps others within your club get to know you. We recommend you select a picture of you or your best friend (pet), plus tell a little about you. When others see club reports, it’s very nice for other players to see your picture, and your Pickleball comments. They can “click” on your picture and get to know a little about you.

To setup your player profile, log onto Pickleball Den and select the menu option and select “My Account” and “My Profile”.


Check-In…not to be confused with Sign-up sheets. Check in allows you to document your game play. We highly suggest you visit our Check-In page to see all the benefits.


And finally the “Friend” aspect. You can send a friend request to other players. Why do this? When your friend checks-in at a pickleball location and plays, you will be notified via Pickleball Den! It’s great to keep up with your friends Pickleball Play. To learn more about Friends, visit our Friends page.

We hope you enjoy Pickleball Den!

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