Blair County Pickleball Club

Welcome to Blair County Pickleball Club! We’re glad you are joining our club as we offer many benefits such as organization, social play, competitive play, lesson, clinics and much more! Regardless of whether you are new to the sport, been playing for a few years, or looking for some great people and great play, we have it for you!

To join the Blair County Pickleball Club you will need to pay your membership dues first. Please complete the membership form below and mail in your check payment.

After we receive and process your payment, you will receive an Email confirmation from us. Then you will need to Create Your Blair County Pickleball Club Account on Pickleball Den. Once you sign-in you should see the Blair County Pickleball Club listing.

You may view some helpful videos on how to use the club software for sign-up sheets, making friends, checking-in for play or receiving club emails.


If you’re looking for help, send an email to our club:

Joe Deleo, President,
Bob Yacobucci, Vice President,
Neil Rudel, Communications,
Tom Riley, Treasurer,
Donna Reese, Secretary,
Sheila Roach, Membership,
Rob Long, By Laws,

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